Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fancy a cuppa?

Oh what a dreary day in London it is. 
I've been busy the last few days on a little crochet project.  I'm still rippling my heart out on my giant blankie but I fancied a mini project that I could start, and thankfully finish! Oh, I could hardly put it down.  My fingers were working overtime on this one.
What is it, you ask? Well.....ok then.....here it is.......
A tea cosy!!! This was a joyous little project! The basic pattern came courtesy of the brilliant Alice at Crochet with Raymond which you can find here.  I used some left over Rowan wool and a gorgeous Liberty button.  Do you love buttons too? They make me feel so happy.

Last night I went out in London and happened to walk past Liberty.  It has the BEST haberdashery department I have ever seen and is packed with amazing eye candy of the crafty variety!
I managed to escape with only a few *modest* purchases including this assortment of buttons.
Oh they make my heart leap!
I remember as a child that sorting my mum's button box was the ultimate treat! She had (and still has!) this huge old-fashioned tin full to the brim with interesting buttons.  I loved touching them, counting them and looking at all the shapes and colours.  They still haven't lost their charm for me!

Anyhoo, I'm desperate for a cuppa to cheer up this dreary day (see the light in the next photo, tsk!!).

See you later!
Liz x

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ripe, strawberries ripe!

As a child I had the part of the strawberry seller in our school production of Oliver! "Ripe, strawberries ripe!" was my one line (I was so proud!). Today, as I picked my strawberries down at the allotment, the song sang out in my head.  The unusually warm weather has led to a bumper crop of the delicious things this year..WOOP!
Check out my beauties!

We've had about 300 strawberries over the past 3 weeks! It's hard to believe that something soo sweet is actually good for you. :-)
As the slugs and snails seemed to be chomping through more than their fair share I decided to pick all the ripe ones today and managed to pick 1500g worth!!!

What to do with all those strawberries????

My first ever attempt at making jam!
The jam pan has been somewhat a cause of tension in our household.  We live in a small maisonette. 
If you open a cupboard be warned, something will fall out.
Our usual scenario begins like this.....
Mr C: ARGH! OUCH! All your things are cluttering up our cupboards! What's this? A jam pan?
But you've never even made any jam! Can't you give it away to someone?

 I'm pleased with my first attempt! And now the jam pan can stay!
Bring on the preserving!
Any ideas about what to do with the next batch of strawberries??

Sunday, 22 May 2011

O I do love to be beside the seaside!

 Oh I do love to be beside the seaside! Over the past month or so I have been lucky to visit not one, but two seaside resorts! Perfect if, like me, you heart the sea. It all kicked off with a weekend with my hubbie and parents in Broadstairs.

 I spent much of my childhood here so I get soooo excited as we get within a few miles of Broadstairs.  My mind starts racing with all the things I'm going to do.  There are a few things I love to do each time I go there:
Seaside crazy golf - check.
Run on the beach - check.
Visit to the BEST girlie bits and bobs shop (Arrowsmiths) - check
Fish and chip supper - check.
THE ULTIMATE chocolate milkshake from Morellis (I actually grinned the whole way through drinking this) - check!

Then, the following weekend I went off to Padstow in Cornwall.  What a lucky lady!  This has to be one of my most favourite-ist places on this planet. 

 We stayed in an Elizabethan farmhouse B&B in the hamlet of Crugmeer.  We have been here a few times and just adore it.  There are fabulous views from the house and the beach is a 5 minute walk away. BLISS!
If you look carefully you can see our B&B on the cliff top in the next picture.

Look at the gorgeous view from our room window.
 Within minutes of arriving our stay kicked off with a clotted cream tea - it has to be done, right? The healthy eating went right out of the window this weekend!!

We enjoyed lots of walks, kite flying, rock climbing, cider and ginger beer.  I never realised how yummy ginger beer is, seriously, I'm hooked.  All very famous five (minus the cider!).
 Here are some photos of the gorgeous views for you to enjoy.

This is my father-in-law sketching away. 
Bunting up in celebration of the Royal Wedding.
We rounded off our trip with a visit to Rick Stein's seafood restuarant for a blow out meal.
Very delicious it was too!
 As I'm writing this I feel so happy! *sigh of contentment*.
I cannot wait for my next visit to the sea.