Sunday, 18 September 2011

Happy moments

It has been a busy week at work but there have also been happy, simple moments in between the busyness of everyday life.

1) Getting on with my blanket! I've kept to my stripe a day promise and it's starting to look blanket-like rather than scarf-like! Here I am doing it on the train...
2) Lighting my new candle! I saw this when I was shopping with my Mum.  I loved, loved, loved the fact you could buy a glass shade to go on top.  It smells like autumn and creates a lovely glow in the house.

3) Going out for wine with the girls on a lazy Sunday afternoon - there's nothing like chatting away the time with close friends.  Love this wine bar in Covent Garden.

4) Cooking! One of the best things about having the allotment is that we can grow weird and wonderful things that cannot be purchased in the shops.  I saw seeds for spaghetti squash and HAD to try it.  Really, a vegetable that looks like spaghetti - who wouldn't want to grow it????!
I didn't imagine it would actually look like spaghetti but here is the proof!

I just invented a tomato/feta/seafood sauce and we ate it as if it was spag bol.
Delish and low carbs so good for the waistline too!

5) Getting given a diary as a pressie from my Mum.  She certainly knows what sort of things I love!
This really makes for eye candy of the highest order.  I can't wait to show you the pictures, month by month......If I can wait that long!

So many happy moments to be found in between the craziness of my day to day life.
I'm so glad I can record these things as a record for the future.

Hope you all are enjoying your small, happy moments.

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  1. What a beautiful candle . Love the colours on the glass top. Great that you crochet on the train, must make the journey enjoyable. Lovely to meet up with friends. Your allotment is very productive more so than from my veggie plot this year. You must have great soil there. Cannot wait to see the photos from the diary.