Sunday, 2 October 2011

Top Secret. Shhhhh!

It's hard being the only one not in on the secret but also very exciting!
This weekend Mr C and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  Mr C planned a surprise weekend away (such a lovely idea!!).  I knew we were going somewhere and that some of our friends were coming, but I had no idea where, how, when or what we were doing. My goodness, I pressed Mr C, begged for clues, tried to guess, guess and guess what we might be doing or where we could possibly be going! He would not budge on it and was very determined that this would be a S-E-C-R-E-T despite my best efforts at sabotage. On Thursday night I was told to pack a bag and I can tell you it was HUGE as I wasn't given any clues as to what I would need so I packed an outfit for every occasion.  No, really I did. I could laugh at the 'posh frocks' and heels now!!

On Friday night I was on strict instructions to leave work on time and be ready for an adventure! Gosh, I was excited but a little nervous too. We got in the car and we were off....hooray!!
The guessing game continued for most of the journey until we pulled up at......
This tent was to be our home for the weekend! At this moment I realised how well my husband knew me as I couldn't have chosen a better venue myself!! It was peaceful, beautiful and back to nature.  No electricity and no distractions. BLISS!
We set about lighting the stove, the paraffin lamps and the candles to get the place ready before our friends arrived.
The Farmer came to check we were OK and bought us a basket with ingredients to make a beef stew.
I did the food prep whilst Mr C got the fire going outside ready for us to cook on.
Our friends arrived, night fell and we sat around with glasses of red wine, chatting, laughing and star gazing.
Of course, the stew was followed by marshmallows roasted over the fire.
If, like I did, you thought all this was exciting enough, just wait for my next update! There were still many more surprises to come!!!


  1. What a delightful treat. I love the name of your blog, thank you for the kind comment on mine, will follow:-)

  2. What a wonderful romantic thing to share.


    Wishing you both many more years together.

    Lovely blog and lovely photos.
    I am following you now.

    Have a good week.


  3. Happy 5th. What a wonderful surprise for you and the weather was fabulous for this.Can feel the heat of the fire and hear the wood crackling. Toasted marshmallows mmmm.