Sunday, 14 November 2010

Tiptoeing towards....

It's only November but I found myself singing a Christmas carol today. OH DEAR! I even ordered some mincemeat this weekend ready to make mince pies and started to think about making a Christmas cake (...although I will allow this one as it does need to be made in advance) and for lunch I had my first taste of the season's brussel sprouts.  Usually, in my house, these things are reserved for December 1st at the earliest.

This year I seem to have been affected by the drawing in of winter like never before.  I didn't even make it into October before I became obsessed with baking heavier cakes and hot puddings..and devouring them. I have tried to make lots of different desserts over the last few weeks.  Today's dessert was a good, old-fashioned, English rice pudding sprinkled with nutmeg.  So simple, so easy and soooooo comforting.   Personally, I blame Nigella's 'Kitchen' series for my current obsession with desserts as everything was desrcibed as 'silky, soft, pillow-y and pleasurable'.  I think it is impossible to watch her show without suddenly having the urge to run into the kitchen! I've had a great time reading through her recipe book too and deciding what I shall make. 

I've taken to spending my evenings and weekends snuggling up with a wheat bag, blankets and cosy slippers, crocheting (following Lucy at Attic 24's neat ripple pattern), dreaming about acquiring vintage items, warming myself by fires and drinking sloe gin. Oh and making friends with my new sewing machine! Mmmmm cozy.  That is exactly how I have spent this weekend! Blisssss.  I love this time of year, although the flu I've had of late is on my winter negatives list!


  1. Your evenings and weekend sound just the sort I adore. I love this time of year too.Hope the flu is making an exit I'm sure the sloe gin is helping.

  2. Hope the flu is on the way out now, though a perfect excuse for lots of cosy snuggleness! I intend to buy my Christmas tree next weekend and start decorating the house. I have already slipped in half a dozen or so gorgeous red water-lily shaped tea-light holders from Next to decorate my window sills! A fantastic bargain at only £3.99 each! Indeed its almost time for me to dust off my 'Miracle on 34th Street' dvd - my favourite Christmas movie!

    Happy festive decorating!