Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow Joke!

Well, the snow continued to fall in our little corner of the South East! As you can see, on Thursday we had so much snow that it was tricky to open our back door to feed the birds! This door is 15 inches off the ground so that's a lots of snow!
 And this heap of snow used to be my car! Hee hee!

My workplace has remained closed so I've had three whole days at home so far with the occasional trip to the local shops.  Whilst it's so cold outside we've stayed indoors where we are as snug as a bug.  We've been playing board games, planning all the pressies we're getting everyone for Christmas, drinking Winter Pimms and cooking up some scrumptious delights in the kitchen.  As much as I LOVE snow, I have to admit that cabin fever is starting to set in and I'm looking forward to being able to get out and about again, especially as my crochet has ground to a halt as my wool stash has run out half way through a stripe! Ahhhhh!

For dinner tonight I've cooked one of my all time favourite recipes; Tartiflette with melted cheese, bacon and thyme.  Do you have those recipes that you like to recreate time and time again? This one is a winner.  Bigtime.  Sometimes I like to play around with recipes but this one is pretty much perfect just as it is, especially on a cold day when the oozing, creamy Reblochon is sooooo comforting. 

Trust me, you should try this!

Enjoy! x

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  1. I am certainly enjoying the last photo. That looks so yummy. Thank you for the link to the recipe.How annoying to run out out yarn in the middle of a stripe. My goodness you are getting on with your blanket. Keep warm.