Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fancy a cuppa?

Oh what a dreary day in London it is. 
I've been busy the last few days on a little crochet project.  I'm still rippling my heart out on my giant blankie but I fancied a mini project that I could start, and thankfully finish! Oh, I could hardly put it down.  My fingers were working overtime on this one.
What is it, you ask? Well.....ok then.....here it is.......
A tea cosy!!! This was a joyous little project! The basic pattern came courtesy of the brilliant Alice at Crochet with Raymond which you can find here.  I used some left over Rowan wool and a gorgeous Liberty button.  Do you love buttons too? They make me feel so happy.

Last night I went out in London and happened to walk past Liberty.  It has the BEST haberdashery department I have ever seen and is packed with amazing eye candy of the crafty variety!
I managed to escape with only a few *modest* purchases including this assortment of buttons.
Oh they make my heart leap!
I remember as a child that sorting my mum's button box was the ultimate treat! She had (and still has!) this huge old-fashioned tin full to the brim with interesting buttons.  I loved touching them, counting them and looking at all the shapes and colours.  They still haven't lost their charm for me!

Anyhoo, I'm desperate for a cuppa to cheer up this dreary day (see the light in the next photo, tsk!!).

See you later!
Liz x


  1. What a pretty tea cosy to make your cup of tea all the more special! I can see lots of tea breaks coming up!

    Love the buttons - what is it about buttons they are exciting, like picking your favourite sweets!

  2. Hi Liz, I'm so glad you commented about the elderflowers, so I've found your blog! I'm loving the crochet tea cosy.

    Elderflowers do have a scent, I was worried too about picking the wrong thing, but they're actually quite easy to spot. They have a distinctly sweet/honey scent, and, silly as it sounds, smell just like cordial! They have wide flowerheads that are little clusters that are flat and wide and are several small heads attached to a larger one, with the most beautiful little white flowers with yellow centers.

    (oh, and I should come clean and admit I took a photo with me for comparison just in case!)

  3. Yes could do with a cuppa. Lucky you at Liberty's one of my fav places in town.
    Still cannot resist buying buttons.