Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ripe, strawberries ripe!

As a child I had the part of the strawberry seller in our school production of Oliver! "Ripe, strawberries ripe!" was my one line (I was so proud!). Today, as I picked my strawberries down at the allotment, the song sang out in my head.  The unusually warm weather has led to a bumper crop of the delicious things this year..WOOP!
Check out my beauties!

We've had about 300 strawberries over the past 3 weeks! It's hard to believe that something soo sweet is actually good for you. :-)
As the slugs and snails seemed to be chomping through more than their fair share I decided to pick all the ripe ones today and managed to pick 1500g worth!!!

What to do with all those strawberries????

My first ever attempt at making jam!
The jam pan has been somewhat a cause of tension in our household.  We live in a small maisonette. 
If you open a cupboard be warned, something will fall out.
Our usual scenario begins like this.....
Mr C: ARGH! OUCH! All your things are cluttering up our cupboards! What's this? A jam pan?
But you've never even made any jam! Can't you give it away to someone?

 I'm pleased with my first attempt! And now the jam pan can stay!
Bring on the preserving!
Any ideas about what to do with the next batch of strawberries??


  1. Wow a feast for the eyes and how well your allotment is doing. All the hard work is paying off. Ideas for those strawberries-
    Eton Mess
    Strawberry Granita
    Minted strawberries with white wine
    Strawberry ice cream
    I'm sure your jam is as good as it looks and just right for a Devonshire cream tea.

  2. What yummy strawberries! I was only wondering today how your allotment was coming on.

    How about making a strawberry crumble or filling a sponge cake with mascarpone mixed with some icing sugar and straws!

    YUM YUM! ENJOY .........