Thursday, 18 August 2011

A, B, Sea

Ah, Whitstable.
Sea air, oysters, vintage shops and salty chips.
Perfect n'est-ce pas?
My workmates and I met in our local coffee shop before setting off to Whitstable for a day out. I haven't mentioned my collegues before but they are lovely and I'm lucky to have made so many firm friends at work.
We started off our day of F-U-N with another cuppa and some oysters, well some of us had them
(the brave ones!)

Whitstable, for those that don't know, is a seaside town in Kent, Southeast England. It's a fantastic place to go if you like quirky and vintage and, in my opinion, shows the British seaside in its best possible light.
The shop keepers have all done a fantastic job on their shop fronts and the town is very picturesque and picture-perfect.

There are vintage clothing shops, art galleries, cupcake shops and tearooms.
 Not to mention street art in the form of knitted bicycles! It was entertaining to watch people go past the bikes and look in wonder as they realised they were knitted!
'Plllllllleeeeeease can I move to Whitstable' my mind was saying after it had dreamed about decorating a cottage like the one in the picture above.
For now I guess I'm going to have to make do with daytrips!

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  1. Knitted bikes that's interesting. Whitstable does have some lovely shops that can be explored for hours. Love the cottages in the last photo.