Sunday, 28 August 2011

Happiness comes in blue and white ♥

I was in heaven yesterday with a trip to a warehouse filled to the brim with Polish Boleslawiec pottery. I haven't ever wanted to collect something as much as I want to collect this!
♥ Pottery love ♥
It took some convincing to get Mr C to come along to the factory (Partly because it involved pretty pottery and mostly because it would mean forgoing the eagerly anticipated Saturday lie in). With the help of a couple of super friends we managed to strike a deal - the pottery warehouse for the girls followed by beach/beer/cakes for the boys!
See the heart patterns in the middle and on the right? Those are my favourites!
We got up nice and early (quite a feat), picked up our friends and headed towards East Sussex. Whooo we were on our way! Road trips rock.

After some tea drinking and shop browsing I filled up my basket and made some purchases. 
After a few stop offs for lunch/beer/antiques/cream teas in picture perfect villages (another post coming on that!) we headed towards the sea.
The blue and white theme stuck with us!

 Maybe colour themed days are the way to go, along with compromises! What a fab day out we had.


  1. Hello there! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog tonight. :) Oh my goodness...the pottery is gorgeous! I wouldn't know what to look at first! Like you, I love the heart design. So pretty! xx

  2. Lovely pottery and the ones with the heart motif are super. You have taken some great photos. Can almost hear the those waves crashing and smell the salty sea.It certainly sounds like you had a fab day.