Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A bit of elbow grease

This morning started with a delivery of wool.  What a super way to start the day! I'd placed the order after running out of wool half way through my 'burnt orange' stripe only to find out that this colour is now DISCONTINUED. Shock Horror! So I've stocked up on each colour just in case Debbie Bliss gets rid of any other colours. EEk!

If only the rest of the day had been so super.....
Over the last few days I have been on a cleaning frenzy. We've decided to kick ourselves into action, get our house on the market and make our 'good life' dreams come true. If you remember, one of my resolutions this year was to move to a new place before we become lost in the jungle of our belongings! Ahh, I dream of the day that I can open a cupboard without it depositing its contents on me!!

Well, I cleaned everything in sight and scrubbed and polished like I was auditioning for a part in 'Annie'. However, no matter how much I cleaned there was always more to do.
Me: Surface, I've just cleaned you, how do you have dust on again already????
Grrrr. Does anyone else find it so frustrating?

Something that cheered me up was seeing this little visitor outside my back door as I weeded the roses.
After the estate agent had taken his photos of my pristine-for-once-why-can't-it-always-look-like-this home, I decided to go out for a walk in the afternoon sunshine.
The reality of moving has made me appreciate the area that I have been living in.  We have some lovely green spaces which I all too rarely visit. Today I took the time to breathe it all in, every detail and the views from the outskirts of our commuter town were chicken soup for my soul.
In the distance there, if you squint, you can see Canary Wharf on the Old Smoke skyline.
On the way I found some more cherry plums and happily made my way home greedily eating them.


  1. What a great way to start the day with the arrival of yarn. Loved the picture of Mr Toad. Sounds like you enjoyed your walk in the sun and probably you needed that after all that cleaning.

  2. What a lovely post, and yummy yarn too. Ripple blankets are the best, aren't they? :)